We provide highly customized automatic machines for steel forming

The Nodi machine form the material between two rollers into the desired shape defined in the PC.

Our Nodi machines can handle large  duct diameters, cones or plates and form the steel into your required shape with low tolerances. They are automatic controlled securing high repeatability and precision, far better than joystick operated machines.

We have built Nodi machines up to 5600mm, but bigger machines can be built. The Nodi machine can handle mild steel, stainless-steel & aluminum plates up to 25mm.

Advantages of our unique steel forming process

  • High accuracy
  • High repeatability
  • PLC controlled
  • Savings in time & material
  • Integrated PC


  • Our rollers are very versatile and can be used for many shapes
  • No costly form tools are required
  • Can handle very large plate, cone  and duct dimensions
  • Able to form up to 25mm plate
  • Special developed software for each forming process

Serving customers around the world with our excellent machines.

With the Nodi machine you can produce almost any shape of air inlets and outlets, axial fan casings, inlet cones, shrouds and front plates for centrifugal fans, 

nozzles, venturis, silencers – tailor made for your specific needs.



Nodi universal machine

Nodi Universal Machine

Our most advanced and versatile model which can handle both ducts, cones and plates in up to 16mm steel. Ideal for production of parts for both axial fans and centrifugal fans such as fan casing, impeller casing, inlet bell, inlet cone, shroud and bell mouth and flage as well as punching of flange holes.

Axial machine

Nodi Axial Machine

This model is optimized for making flanges and reinforced flanges with punched holes, bell mouth and inlet cones on cylindrical ducts and is ideal for production of axial fan casings. This forming process ensures a fully cylindrical shape on large duct diameters up to 5600mm in 2 to 25mm steel plate

Nodi basic machine with expander segments

Nodi Basic Machine

Our fastest and most effective/productive model, optimized for making duct-flanges and punching flange holes and axial fan casings. This forming process ensures a fully cylindrical shape on duct diameters ranging from ø280mm to ø1800mm in 2 to 6 mm steel plate

Nodi automation development. Several custom machines, Metal forming

Automation development

We make several custom made machines, here you can see a selection of special build machines. We have years of experience in developing special designed