About us

Nodi was founded in 1975 by Otto Thorhauge. At first the company made simple constructions. In 1978 production was moved to the present premises. Later on development and production was expanded to hydraulic presses, welding units and other automation equipment.

In 1986 Nodi started production of flanging machines, which have today been developed to fully automated machines, which are exported throughout the world. First and foremost, the flanging machines are produced for fan manufactures,  air conditioning companies and filter factories, but they may as well be used in other sectors.

In 2001 did Nodi become Limited company (Ltd.) Nodi A/S. The new management of Nodi A/S is:

Otto Thorhauge
  • Managing Director
  • Sales Manager
  • (B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering)
Torben Thorhauge Sønderstgård
  • Purchase Manager
  • Production Manager
  • (B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering)
Dorte Thorhauge Sønderstgård
  • Financial Manager
  • Design Department
  • (B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering)

Working with us?

All sales, development and production take place from Næstved in Denmark, where our well-trained staff design, construct, program and build up the machines. Some parts for the machines are produced by our carefully selected subcontractors.

Nodi building