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NODI A/S provides highly customized automatic machines for steel forming.

About Nodi A/S –

Founded in 1975, Nodi A/S has been developing automation equipment for the world market for nearly 50 years. Since 1986 the family-owned business has been developing flanging machines that are now fully automated-

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fan manufactures, air conditioning companies, filter factories and many other sectors have been using Nodi A/S machines for years, contacting the danish company from all over the world. Now it is also possible to contacts our representative in China.

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Nodi Universal Machine – An outstanding Flanging Bellmouth Machine

Introducing Nodi A/S’ most advanced configurable standard machine for production of small og big duct.

Nodi Axial Machine – A productive and flexible Flanging and Bellmouth Machine

Axial Ventilators with various configurations and sizes. Optimized for your production needs. With over 50 machines producing worldwide.

Nodi Basic Machine – The fastest Flanging machine

Most productive of all the Nodi A/S Machines is the Nodi Basic Machine. Small axial ventilators and duct flanges are quickly and efficiently produced on more than 20 Nodi Basic Machines worldwide.

Nodi A/S automation development – Custom made flanging and bellmouth machines.

Nodi Machines can be custom made with specialized designs for automation purposes. Read more about a selection of custom made Nodi A/S flanging and bellmouth machines.

–          Heavy-duty Axial Flanging machine

–          Universal Flanging Machines over D4500mm

–          Doubled ended Flanging Machines

Nodi online Support

Nodi A/S offers online – Support

We provide online support via the support client – which is a small TeamViewer program that connects to Nodi and enables us to help you with your enquiry.

Nodi A/S – Home:

A family-owned company – we develop and produce automated flanging machines, punching maschines and bell mouth machines – optimized for your production of axial fans, centrifugal fans, ducts, filters, silencers, and other specialized products.