Nodi Universal Machine

Our most advanced configurable standard machine.

Optimized for production of both radial and axial ventilators.

For production of small and big duct diameters from 250 to 4000 mm.

Radial front plates minimum inner diameter 200 mm.

Radial front plates maximum outer diameter 4200 mm.

Material thickness from 2 mm to 16 mm.

Material types construction steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys.

Rolling material yield strength up to 600 N/mm².

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Parts this machine can produce



The NODI Universal Flanging Bellmouth Machine is produced in 6 basic configurations, each in varying maximum diameter size according to your needs.

Minimum configuration

  • Diameter 250 – 2200 mm
  • Plate thickness max. 10 mm

Maximum configuration

  • Diameter 710 – 4000 mm
  • Plate thickness max. 16 mm


  • The duct is fixed on an expander and kept exactly round during the process.
  • The shape of the duct is repeated within half a milimeter.


  •  Placement of holes is within half a milimeter in diameter and 0.05°.

Easy to operate